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Business Strategy Assessment And Development (BSAD)

In a rapidly changing environment, many companies identify the
need to re-assess or re-define their business strategy.

This need is often triggered by events such as:

Major changes in product or process technology
Arrival of substitute products or services
Entrance of new competitors to the industry
Consolidation of competitors, suppliers or customers, with the effect of increased bargaining power
Changes in relevant regulation (tariffs, taxes, environmental, labour, etc.)
These events can represent a threat to the profitability and even the survival of the organization. But they can also represent an opportunity for growth and new business.

BTI's Strategic Business Assessment provides the company with a clear picture of its environment. It suggests a strategic direction that will take advantage of the opportunities and minimize the threats.

A comprehensive but cost and time effective assessment covers the following topics:
The industry in which the company competes, customers, suppliers, competitors, regulatory environment and key factors for success in the industry.
The company mission and goals, core competencies and competitive advantages, core processes, financial analysis, information systems capabilities and organizational issues.
Current strategy, definition and analysis of its fit with the current and developing environment.
Alternative strategy, analysis of options, evaluation and selection, fit with the environment and implementation.

This assessment renders best results when it is combined with an executive level workshop in which:
The evaluation of the external and internal environment is presented, discussed and validated
The current strategy is analyzed in light of the current environment
Options for strategy are developed and analyzed
A strategy is selected
Initial steps for implementation are drafted

BTI assists the company in the implementation of the selected strategy through:
The development of a tactical plan, projects and programs that will make the strategy a reality.
Adaptation of the organizational structure and review of compensation and incentives to reinforce the change.


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