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BTI904: ISO 9000 and the Food Industry:


This course will provide the participants with a thorough review and analysis of the requirements of ISO 9000. They will learn how the guidelines for quality management and quality system elements of ISO 9004 can be applied to improve business processes.
Participants will be introduced to business transformation concepts and how to apply ISO 9000 requirements on such a structure. This technique permits recognition of non-value added activities that can then be eliminated.

Who should attend:

Senior Management
Project Coordinators
Operation Supervisors
Quality Practitioners
ISO Coordinators


The relationship between Quality management, Quality Assurance and Quality Systems
Quality Systems and Business Process Reengineering and ISO 9004
Interpreting ISO 9000 Series Standards
Company culture and the Quality System
Integrating ISO 9000 and HACCP
Internal and external resources required
Developing a strategy that links GMPís to ISO 9000 requirements
Case Studies

Deliverable Outcomes:
The course participants will learn:

How to interpret the ISO 9000 requirements
The importance of company culture to a Quality System
The inter-relationships between HACCP, GMPís and ISO 9000
How to plan for the implementation process


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