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BTI907: Auditing and Benchmarking a Quality System:


This course is designed to provide participants with the necessary understanding and skills for developing, planning, preparing and conducting Internal Quality System Audits. Internal Audits are essential for management to determine the effectiveness of all the Quality Systems.

Who should attend:

Senior Management
Project Coordinators
Operation Supervisors
Quality Practitioners
ISO Coordinators


The relationship between Quality management, Quality Assurance and Quality Systems
The importance of Internal Audit and Management Review
Auditing and Corrective Action
The Audit Team
Audit planning and scheduling
The Four Sections of an Audit
Documentation - Objective Evidence
The Audit Scene
Auditor Characteristics

Deliverable Outcomes:

The course participants will learn:

Why auditing is an essential element in a quality system
Auditing standards as they apply to the company
How to plan an audit program
How to recognize and evaluate objective evidence
What makes a good auditor


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