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BTIB05: JIT Manufacturing with KANBAN:


This course is designed to give participants the tools they need to prioritize production work flow, develop procedural materials, implement measurement tools, maximize space, eliminate unnecessary material handling and decrease costly lead time. Participants will learn how to efficiently meet deadlines, fill customer orders and gain valuable internal support. Real-life simulation will be used in which participants manufacture a product, source parts from vendors, move materials around the plant and deliver goods to the customer.

Who should attend:

Plant Managers
Manufacturing Supervisors
Production Control Managers
Production Engineers
Production Planners and/or Schedulers
Inventory Managers


Manufacturing Strategy and Success
JIT Operations
JIT and People
Inventory Issues
Total Quality and ISO 9000
KANBAN Implementation
KANBAN Simulation Workshop

Deliverable Outcomes:

The course participants will learn:

How to organize production and resources
To create high performance teams that deliver high quality products
How to integrate production data with scheduling, planning and inventory systems
To determine shop floor work priorities
What is necessary to convert to continuous flow manufacturing
How to implement Total Quality Management and Zero-Defects
The activities to switch from supply-side ëpushí to demand-side ëpullí for improved inventory management
To build a seamless customer-driven supply pipeline
The implementation of critical measurement tools to maintain a competitive edge



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