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BTIB10: Business Process Management:


Participants in this course will learn the principles of analyzing and improving business processes. A step-by-step approach is used to introduce participants to the design and implementation of new or changed processes. These steps start with process definitions and mapping, and include activities such as defining performance indicators and establishing standards. Workshops are used to provide simulations of actual business process analyses and improvements.

Who should attend:

Senior Management
Project Coordinators
Operation Supervisors
Quality Practitioners


Define, scope and select the Process Management Team
Identify Process Customers
Define, Map and Analyze Process and Resources
Establish Standards and set Performance Indicators
Streamline and Improve the Process
Implement and Document the Process
Monitor System Effectiveness

Deliverable Outcomes:

The course participants will learn:

How to define and analyze processes
The use of mapping tools and techniques
How to establish standards for processes
To define performance indicators and measurements
The importance of effective process management




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