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BTIB16: Total Quality Management and Continuous Improvement Process:


This course introduces the concepts and objectives of Total Quality Management (TQM) and how Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) plays an important and integral part of the quality system. TQM focuses on how a company must consider quality initiatives in all parts and functions of the company. With the customer in mind, it is important that every interface to the customer is of the highest quality. This is a company wide concept and must have the involvement of all staff. A major part of TQM is CIP which is a vital process to ensure mechanisms are in place to resolve quality problems and ensure they are not repeated.

Who should attend:

Senior Management
Project Coordinators
Operation Supervisors
Quality Practitioners
Company staff


An Introduction to TQM and CIP
The relationship between Total Quality Management, Quality Assurance and Quality Systems
Planning a TQM system
Involving all staff
Defining the Continuous Improvement Process
Measurements and Tracking
Planning for TQM implementation
Ensuring the system functions

Deliverable Outcomes:

The course participants will learn:

How TQM works
The relationship between TQM and CIP
The approach to implementing a TQM system
The pitfalls to avoid
Maintaining a TQM system



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