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BTI Services Inc. (Business Transformation International, "BTI") was established in the early 1990's to focus on guiding organizations to make the transition into a competitive market enviroment across many sectors, trades and professions in the Americas.

The principals of the BTI bring extensive experience in providing organizations, both in the service and manufacturing industries, the required framework and discipline to achieve their business objectives.

In addition, the senior principals of BTI have significant industry experience in implementing state-of-the-art practices, and as management consultants working with various Fortune 500 Companies Nationally and Internatonally.

BTI has been affiliated with a number of Community Colleges and educational institutes throughout North America for the purpose of developing and providing Technology Management and People Development Education, Coaching and Training series, as well as providing in house facilitation directed towards the needs of individual business.

Our significant growth rate over the past few years, indicates the quality of our performance, and has resulted in the establishment of US Corporate Offices in Tennessee, as well as regional offices throughout North America.

In today's competitive marketplace, the old ways of doing business no longer work. Customer requirements, market growth, product life cycles, technological change and the nature of competition are no longer constant or predictable. Does your business need to envision a different structure of organization and management to play a part in this new environment?

We offer a full range of business services in addition to those listed in the brochure and we would be happy to assist you in identifying your individual requirements. Also, if your priorities include registration of your Quality System to ISO 9000 Standards, BTI will also provide the on-the-job coaching and training necessary to ensure that the transformation of your Business Processes will result in certification and registration to the appropriate standard.

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