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BTI In House Workshops
All of our BTI workshops support the Implementation of Lean Manufacturing


These subjects are of an intense nature and are directed at the Engineers/Technicians, Supervisors & shop floor level.
Our workshops are carried out on-site and are conducted in class and on the shop floor. We believe in using the clients working environment when training trainers on these subjects. These workshops can then be more customized to suit customer needs. We can insert actual client cases and customize the trainers manuals to suit a client.
The benefit is that, your staff can stay on top of important functions because they will be in the office rather than travelling.
Trainers are certified upon completion of this program.
We’ve conducted several of workshops, so we know exactly what needs to be done. We can plan and arrange with your help, your own workshop. If you’re particularly busy, we will look after most of the details for you.

Changeover Reduction - A Prime Improvement Factor
Point Meeting
Total Productive Maintenance - Capability, Reliability, Flexibility

The 5S Improvement Workshop

This workshop is the foundation that supports all improvement activities through an organization

The 5S's

1. Seiri ....................... Sort
2. Seiton .................... Scrub
3. Seiso ..................... Set in Order
4. Seiketsu ................ Standardize
5. Shitsuke ................ Substain

5S is a program for improving the workplace. The original development of 5S came from The Toyota Production System as a means of reducing operating costs by eliminating disorganization and waste. Many North American improvement programs have not had good long term results. Our plants have lacked the organization needed to ensure successful improvement implementation. 5S provides an essential building block for future improvements.


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