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What is ISO 14000?

It is an Environmental Management System........

How is ISO 14000 implemented

Senior management identifies appropriate resources and designates which employees it would like to see participate in this program. It is ultimately responsible for:

Informing the employees of the initiatives
Drafting policies
Allocating resources
Mandating training
Formulating appraisal systems
Establishing support systems.

Senior management then designates a working committee that will name an ISO Champion. This person usually demonstrates commitment to the project and is capable of managing the entire implementation of the project.

Policies and procedures of the Environmental Management System are completed by a cross-functional team that has knowledge in the relevant areas.

This particular methodology that BTI uses has been tested in several scenarios and has proven to be quite beneficial for the ISO 9000 program.


As it is with ISO 9000, documentation is an essential part of the registration process. Companies are required to thoroughly document policies, procedures, work instructions, and other records to define a clear picture of the companies Environmental Management System. Archiving of the past monitoring and calibration records is an important aspect of the documentation process.

Integration of ISO 14000 and ISO 9000 in Your Business Process

In the future it is expected that there will be an amalgamation of the audit process for ISO 9000 and ISO 14000. Currently parts of the ISO committee are studying this scenario. There is some thought that ISO 14000 will become part of the ISO 9000 series standards. The initial registration process for both standards will be difficult and likely separate. Upon registration the company can focus on maintenance and continuous improvement in both areas as if it were one system .


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