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BTI coaches the Lean Manufacturing and Kaizen thinking process to people/organizations who care about people, success and profit.

We have a proven record of helping companies develop a culture of continuous improvement. We use inhouse workshops and case simulations to build excitement and ownership of the improvement process. BTI Lean Enterprise Transformation focuses the entire organization on the endless pursuit of waste elimination.
The words Lean Manufacturing, Lean Thinking, Kaizen and Toyota Production System are talked about in many organizations. Very few (mostly Simpler clients) also talk about how Lean has had a large and lasting impact on their performance and profits.

Our successful methodology given us an innovative ways of applying Lean in many new areas including

High-variety, low-volume manufacturing
High-volume continuous manufacturing
Administrative / office environments
Military repair and support services
Commercial repair operations
Service companies

BTI has a reputation for making it happen, we walk our talk – we document, improve and apply “the Simpler Business System” as our Lean transformation model for our clients and to support our personal investments in acquisition and start-up companies

Some of the typical areas that will be examined in the initial phase of our consulting process are:

Human Resources - utilization and skill level
Physical & Technological Resources
Time and Management Availability
Manufacturing layout
Capacity planning and operational processes

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