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Continuous Improvement Tool Kit
BTI's continuous improvement tool kit is, as the name infers, a ready and usable kit. It enables people to quickly grasp the required fundamentals. The kit not only assists in the management of a company's operations, but also helps to continually improve them.

The business environment continues to change, advance and evolve. Decision-making at the operational level (shop floor, show room, contact with end-users) is becoming increasingly important:

Why wait until 100 non-conforming units are produced before a manager or supervisor calls a
  halt to production (to determine what went wrong) when this decision can be made at the first
  sign of trouble on the shop floor?
Why wait until there are 50 customer complaints at a retail outlet before a regional manager
  becomes involved to determine why service levels are not at prescribed levels?

With proper training, the right tools and confidence that management will support the operational decisions taken, an organization can out-distance its competitors in the current business climate.

Some of the tools in this toolbox are:

Problem solving
Q uality function deployment
Statistical process control (SPC) and other statistical techniques
F lowcharting for process mapping
S oftware tools for continuous improvement



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