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The Trade Division of BTI is based in Toronto, Canada. We specialize, but are not limited to import/export trading in food, agricultural commodities, Oil & Gas, Automotive/OEM and pharmaceutical products as well as high technology equipment and appliances. ÝIn short, BTI Trading is an international importer/exporter and exclusive North American representative for several manufactures and service organizations.

In addition to our import and export activities we also specialize in sourcing OEM manufacturing facilities, products, component parts, or services for our clients.

Our mission :

To provide professional representation, logistics and consulting services that contribute to increasing international trade.

Our goal:

To increase the sales revenues, market share and brand awareness of our client's products by providing improved resources and measurable operational efficiencies that will allow them to become more competitive in their target market.

We are :

  • Corporation Presidents and Executives
  • International Marketing / Sales Managers
  • Scientific Advisors / Laboratory Directors
  • Senior Merger and Acquisition Specialists

We can :

Anticipate and respond to our customer needs by providing synergy with our business partners and delivering straightforward and powerful solutions that have a positive impact on the bottom line.

We will :

Assist in developing international relations in order to facilitate our clients' entry into new markets, ensuring the understanding of regional customs, business protocols and trade expectations.

Provide logistical solutions for the import and export of goods. To ensure the rapid deployment of new products into international markets, BTI has established distribution channels and logistical support infrastructure.

Provide complete product marketing, sales, and distribution services up to and including the design and development of multi-lingual point of sale concepts and systems in order to facilitate our clients' entry into new markets.



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